House Rules

  1. We welcome all people regardless of their gender, nationality or religion as long as they respect our venue, our staff, our house rules, but most importantly each other.

  2. On week days we require our guests to be at least 18 years old. On Fridays and Saturdays we require our guests to be at least 21 years old. A Valid ID is required and has to be shown upon request of our staff.

  3. We do not allow sportswear (except in case of special sport events hosted by ourselves), fanny packs or bum bags inside our venue. For security reasons, we also do not allow face covering clothes including hats, caps and (blinded) sunglasses.

  4. We do not allow smoking inside our venue, it has been forbidden in all bars and restaurants of the Netherlands since 2008. Visitors who smoke inside will be removed from our venue. Vaping is also accounted for as smoking.

  5. We do not allow smuggling your own drinks into our venue. We allow ourselves to check for these upon arrival. Visitors who are found consuming their smuggled goods will be removed from our venue.

  6. We do not allow drugs of any kind inside our venue. Visitors found using or dealing drugs, will be removed from our venue and may be handed over to the police. Visitors who are visibly intoxicated may be refused to enter.

  7. By entering the club you automatically agree to image and video registration and the use of these images by Cliniq Maastricht in case of a potential breach of our house rules or general Dutch legislation.